Pellet torch – patio stoves, powered by wood pellets

Lighting a fire in the garden is something wonderful. The pleasant smell, the wonderful play of flames and the cozy crackle are a great way to end the day. But what happens when flying sparks or thick smoke make the relaxation fly away?

The solution: a pellet torch that is fired with standard wood pellets. Almost completely without smoke and sparks! Whether it’s a barbecue, a wedding or a cozy glass of wine in the garden – the pellet torch from Steel & Fire guarantees a wow effect. Also ideal as a sustainable Christmas tree replacement, as it can be used year after year.

How it works: First, the pellet torch is filled with standard pellets. A grill igniter is placed under the grate for ignition. After approx. 10-15 minutes, a flame rises through the entire glass tube and lights up the surroundings. Burning time approx. 1.5 hours with a full pellet tank.



Technical data

Pellet torches are a modern and environmentally friendly way of generating cozy warmth outdoors. They offer a convenient alternative to conventional fireplaces and are particularly popular in gardens, on patios and in outdoor restaurant areas. Here are the technical specifications of a typical pellet torch in detail:

  • Fuel: The pellet torch uses wood pellets with a diameter of 6 mm. These pellets are a sustainable choice as they are made from renewable wood and produce low CO2 emissions.
  • Heat output: The pellet torch has a heat output of approx. 4 kW. This is enough to generate a pleasant warmth around the torch and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Burning time: With a full tank, the pellet torch can burn for approx. 1.5 hours. This is enough for many outdoor events and provides a long-lasting heat source.
  • Dimensions: The pellet torch has a height of approx. 1.7 m. This size makes it possible to enjoy the heat at a comfortable height and is therefore ideal for outdoor seating areas.
  • Weight: With glass tube the pellet torch weighs approx. 15 kg, without glass tube only 10 kg. The lower weight without the glass tube makes transportation and handling particularly easy.

They are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional outdoor gas or charcoal heaters, as they use renewable energy sources and are virtually smoke-free. The use of pellet torches not only contributes to outdoor heating, but also creates a cozy atmosphere for social gatherings and romantic evenings outdoors. With their practical technical features, pellet torches are an attractive option for anyone who wants to enjoy the warmth and charm of an open fire.

Pellet torch for do-it-yourselfers

Homemade things are the best! If you have an extended range of tools, I offer a kit to build your own pellet torch.

What you need to build your own pellet torch:

  • MAG or electrode welder
  • Drill with 10mm drill bit
  • Angle grinder with cutting wheel and grinding wheel
  • Felt-tip pen
  • tape measure
  • Screw clamp
  • Protective equipment

Also required, as not included in the scope of delivery:

  • Oven sealing tape
  • Oven paint
  • Some manual dexterity :)

For the construction I provide a pellet torch construction manual. You can find them here.

Bau einer Pelletfackel mit Werkzeug im Bild

Bring your garden or patio to life with the pellet torch kit. This high-quality kit is the perfect addition to any home, whether for cozy evenings outdoors or parties at any time of year. The kit contains everything you need to build your own stunning pellet torch. All you need to buy is the glass pipe and the stove sealing tape!
The pellet torch kit is characterized by its high-quality steel construction. This not only guarantees a long service life, but also high weather resistance so that the flare can withstand the elements all year round. Thanks to its sleek, modern design, it is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and will undoubtedly become an eye-catching feature in any outdoor space.
The kit comes with detailed video instructions that will guide even the most inexperienced DIY enthusiast through the assembly process step by step, using the correct tools. The instructions are easy to follow and make building the pellet torch a fun and rewarding project that can be completed in no time. With this kit, you have full control over the end result and can be proud to have built your own torch.

In contrast to traditional fireplaces, the pellet torch produces less smoke and is therefore more environmentally friendly. It burns with wood pellets made from waste wood. This makes it a carbon-neutral option – ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint. The torch offers a clean, efficient and sustainable way of lighting without sacrificing the atmosphere and warmth of a traditional fire.