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Do it youself!

Pellet torch – patio stoves, powered by wood pellets.

Lighting a fire in the garden is something wonderful. The pleasant smell, the wonderful play of flames and cozy crackling let the day end in a great way. But what if flying sparks or thick smoke make the relaxation fly away?

The solution: a pellet torch, which is fired with commercially available wood pellets. Almost completely without smoke and sparks! Whether barbecue, wedding or the cozy glass of wine in the garden – the pellet torch from Steel & Fire guarantee a wow effect. Also ideal as a sustainable Christmas tree replacement, because year after year reusable.

About the function: First, the pellet torch is filled with commercially available pellets. For ignition, a grill igniter is placed under the grate. After about 10-15 minutes, a flame rises through the entire glass tube and illuminates the surroundings. Burning time approx. 1.5 hours with full pellet tank.

DIY pellet torch

Homemade things are the best! If you have an extended toolkit, I offer a kit on Amazon to make your own pellet torch.

Needed for the self-construction of a pellet torch is:

  • Welding machine MMA or electrode
  • Drilling machine with 10mm drill bit
  • Angle grinder with cutting wheel and grinding wheel
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Screw clamp
  • Protective equipment

Also needed, as not included in the scope of delivery:

  • Oven sealing tape
  • Oven Varnish
  • Some manual dexterity :)

For the construction I provide a pellet torch construction manual. You can find it here.

Schweißarbeiten pellet fackel

Or: unpack the pellet torch and get started

If you do not trust yourself to build your own or simply do not have the right tools, I also offer a ready-made pellet torch on Amazon. This only needs to be unpacked and positioned on the terrace.

Here are a few data:

  • Height: approx. 170cm
  • Footprint: 50x50cm
  • Burning time with one filling: about 1,5 to 2h
  • Height of the flame: through the whole tube
  • Ash discharge: falls automatically into the ash box
  • Surface: painted, heat-resistant, black (not weatherproof)
IMG 20210605 163954 scaled pellet fackel

Frequently asked questions about the pellet flare

Technical data

  • Fuel: wood pellets 6mm

  • Heating power: approx. 4 kW

  • Burning time: approx. 1.5h with full tank of the pellet torch

  • Height: about 1.7m

  • Weight: 15kg with glass tube, 10kg without


Free Pellet Torch Building Instructions – In 14 Steps

Pellet torch building instructions

In the following text you will learn how to build your own pellet torch. You need a few steel pipes, which you can get from a well-stocked hardware store or steel shop. Alternatively, I offer a pellet torch kit for purchase on this website. Just click on the link and you will be taken to the sales page.


  • The flare must not be operated by minors
  • Place the pellet flare only on solid and level ground.
  • Never touch the flare during operation, risk of burns!
  • If the pellet tank is to be refilled, heat-protective gloves must be used for this purpose
  • All flammable objects must be removed from within a radius of 5 meters
  • Do not fire under roofs or in rooms
  • Provide buckets of extinguishing water or fire extinguishers
  • A fireproof container filled with water must be placed under the torch
  • People must not come closer than 2 meters to the torch
  • Check glass tube and rack for damage before each use. If defective, do not use

Required tools needed for the pellet torch building instructions:

  • MAG or E-Hand welder (electrode).
  • Angle grinder
  • Tenn disc and flap disc or roughing disc
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Something to mark, possibly felt pen
  • Drill with 10mm steel drill bit
  • Hammer
  • Personal protective equipment (!)

Parts List

Bausatz für eine Pelletfackel

First, the required material for pellet torch building instructions:

  1. Pellet pipe long
  2. Pellet pipe short
  3. Ash box
  4. 3x legs
  5. Burner tube
  6. Round tube
  7. Cover top side
  8. Cover bottom side
  9. Glass tube holder
  10. Glass tube support
  11. Burner grate

Step 1: Connect pellet pipe

  • Weld the short (2) and long (1) pellet tubes together at the 15° miters as shown.
  • After welding, the seam should be ground.
Pelletrohr wird zusammen geschweißt

Step 2: Mark burner tube

IMG 20211120 153344 scaled pellet fackel
  • As shown, a spacer of 25mm is now applied. I have placed a few sheets on top of each other.
  • The burner tube (5) is positioned on the spacer.
  • Now draw once around the burner tube (5) with a pencil.

Step 3: Prepare burner tube

  • Now remove everything above the drawn area
  • Next, make a rectangular cutout, about 2mm smaller than the drawn area.
IMG 20211120 154144 scaled pellet fackel
IMG 20211120 154341 scaled pellet fackel

Step 4: Drill and weld on burner tube

IMG 20211120 152330 scaled pellet fackel
IMG 20211120 155433 scaled pellet fackel
  • To ensure sufficient combustion air in the pellet flare, several 10 mm holes are drilled in the burner tube (5). These should be made in the upper third and in the lower third.
  • Do this from all sides.
  • When the holes are finished, the burner tube (5) is tacked to the pellet tube at a distance of 25mm.

Step 5: Weld on grate

  • Staple the burner grate to the open 60° miter.
  • A few tacking points are enough
  • Excess tacking points should be ground smooth
IMG 20211120 155938 scaled pellet fackel

Step 6: Ash box

IMG 20211120 160822 scaled pellet fackel
  • Weld the ash box (3) with the miter on the miter of the pellet pipe.
  • The perforated plate (11) is located between the pipes (in the weld joint).

Step 7: Fold over perforated plate

  • Now fold over the perforated plate (11) with a few hammer blows, as shown in the picture.
IMG 20211101 195150 scaled pellet fackel

Step 8: Prepare round tube

ausschnitt rundrohr pellet fackel bauanleitung
  • Now mark the round tube so that it can be slipped over the welded construction after cutting
  • Here a little dexterity is required
  • The edge at the top becomes triangular
  • The highest point must be about 5cm higher than the sides

Step 9: Glass tube support

  • Now tack the smaller ring (9) into the round tube, straight, approx. 3cm below the opening.
  • The rest of the cutout of the round tube can serve as a positioning aid.
auflage glasrohr pellet fackel

Step 10: Connection of round tube with frame

rundrohr aufschweißen
  • Now put the round tube (6) on the construction and fix it well with a few tacking points.
  • The entire joint can also be welded if desired

Step 11: Legs

  • Now weld on the legs (4). Make sure that the construction is straight and secure.
IMG 20210405 180825 scaled e1636486210706 pellet fackel

Step 12: Glass tube holder

Glasrohrhalter Pellet Fackel
  • The pipe holder (9) is welded approx. 30mm below the upper edge of the rack.
  • Make sure that the glass tube runs parallel to the pellet tank.

Step 13: Prepare lid

  • The last step is to make the lid.
  • For this purpose, drill a hole in the smaller flat iron (8).
IMG 20210513 171539 scaled pellet fackel

Step 14: Weld lid

IMG 20210513 171652 scaled pellet fackel
  • Now place both flat steels (7 and 8) on top of each other and align them centrically.
  • The joint is made by hole welding.
  • To do this, switch the welding machine to a high setting and descale the welded area

That’s it :)

Done, now apply any coating and cushion all contact points with the glass with oven sealing tape.

Have fun with the first use :)

Pellet fackel Bauanleitung fertig

The pellet torch requires a glass tube with a diameter of 100mm and a length of 100-150cm

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